Nachwuchs / Offspring

Selecting a suitable stud dog often means long research for the breeder. In addition to their individual decision criteria, a mixed gene pool should be decisive.


Pictures and news from the offspring are welcome.

In Tilburg (NL) by Anita Knippels


Repeat breeding with Sputnik and Jopi

Puppies planned for 2021

In Tilburg by Anita Knippels

Date of birth: 04.05.2019

Puppies: 2/2 (dogs/bitches)

Mother: Rockstyle´s Rats Don´t Rock "Nirri"

Father: Black Bandits Sputnik


The sperm was sent on 28.12.2018 to Finland.

One day later Nirri could be fertilized.

Kennel Rockstyle´s

Date of birth: 23.02.2019

Puppies: 1/0 (dogs/bitches)

Mother: Dawn aus dem Hause Capitol

Father: Black Bandits Sputnik

F-litter from the "Hause Capitol"

Date of birth: 23.09.2017

Puppies: 2/3 (dogs/bitches)

Danke Larissa und Konny für euer Vertrauen. Es sind 5 tolle Welpen geworden

und den Besitzern wünsche ich ganz viel Spaß mit den Süßen.